Schedule – 2018

Check out our updated schedule for April 28, 2018! 

More specific event descriptions and locations will be posted soon


10:00 am – Breakfast & Welcome

Location: TBD

10:45 am – Faculty Talk by Professor Lindley Winslow

Curious about what a renowned professor has to say about physics? Join in on a casual discussion and learn about the career trajectory of a physicist!

11:30 am – Hands-on Physics Demos

Investigate the huge scope of physics by playing with spectroscopes, gyroscopes, cloud chambers, and more!

12:30 pm – Lunch with undergrads!

Come have free lunch and socialize with our wonderful undergrads to learn first-hand about physics and life at MIT!

1:30 pm – Lab Tours

Have you ever heard of biophysics? Want to see an NMR machine up close? Or maybe some super-fast particles? Come check out some cool labs at MIT, and the awesome experiments run by undergrads, grads, and world-class faculty!

2:30 pm – Poster Sessions by MIT students

What does it mean to be a physicist, or a student of physics? What is some cool research currently being done by MIT students? Come find out by talking to our friendly undergraduates!

3:15 pm – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & More!

Do you like ice cream? Do you like science? Come enjoy both of these things!

4:00 pm – Closing Talk

4:30 pm – Time to be picked up!