How to get there

MIT, Building 8, Room 329
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

By Red Line:
Get off at the Kendall/MIT stop. Walk west on Main Street (towards Legal Seafoods) and turn left on Ames Street. Turn right at the pedestrian crosswalk. Walk through MIT’s campus and straight ahead you will see a door with 2 sets of stairs leading up to it. Go in (you should be at the end of a very long hallway) and immediately go up the stairs to the right of the door. Take the stairs to the 3rd floor and room 329 is immediately on your right.

By 1 Bus:
Get off at 84 Massachusetts Ave. Go in the front entrance of MIT (large building with columns) and walk straight down the hallway until the end. When you are at the end, you will be in building 8. Go up to the 3rd floor, turn right, and room 329 is immediately on the right.

Parking is not very convenient at MIT, so if you can avoid it, we would encourage it. Information on parking can be found on the MIT Department of Facilities website. Here is a useful map of the parking lots next to MIT.

Parking is available at the West Garage and Albany Street Garage for $6 (payment by credit card only).